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Hello everybody! Today's post is a special one to me. I do not want to glorify the loss of a loved one, but I promise to not make you at all sad. This is about celebration.

On November 8th 2013 at 4:26pm, Logan and Ashley Tran were blessed with a beautiful baby boy. The journey to his birth was also a bit rocky. At three months, the doctors told Logan and Ashley that Gideon had a unique heart and that he would not live. This is news no one wants to hear, but being the strong people they are, Logan and Ashley did not give up on their baby boy. What the doctors had told Logan and Ashley is that Gideon had a very rare case of two congenital heart defects that are common, but rarely ever seen together. The heart conditions he had are Tetralogy of Fallot and the other is called Hypertropic Cardiomypathy. During the pregnancy, Logan and Ashley stayed on top of their appointments to make sure Gideon was still doing ok. After some appointments, there was always a glimpse of hope that everything would be alright with the promise of Gideon receiving his new heart after he was a few month old. Gideon's original due date was to be the 20th of November, but Ashley had picked up what is called pregnancy diabetes which causes the walls of Gideon's heart to thicken and was then born by c-section.

Through all the despairing news, Gideon was alive, but not completely well. Due to his heart conditions, he had difficulty breathing so he spent some time at the hospital after birth. A few weeks later, with all the love and prayers sent to the Tran family...Gideon was able to go home! It was a joyus moment as Logan and Ashley could go home as a family. While they cherished every moment being with their son, tomorrow was never a promise for their baby boy. Logan and Ashley were told that if his heart conditions do not would result in sudden death. Being told that as new parents would be heart wrenching. They both did the best they could do for Gideon which involved many emergency visits, but his last visit was very hard for Logan and Ashley where Gideon was emergency airlifted and transported to All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg, FL. Gideon's heart was weak and functioning at a very low rate. With machines assisting his to stay alive, they were unsure if Gideon could make it until March 2014 for his heart transplant.

Gideon's heart stopped beating and received CPR for what seemed like forever. 91 minutes and then put on a life support hoping for any chance that Gideon's heart would fight one more time. On December 20th 2013 around 7pm, Gideon went to heaven. He fought hard for 48 days. 48 days longer than he was supposed to live. 

This post is special to me because Logan is one of my dearest friends. I was shocked when he called me to tell me he was going to be a father...I almost thought he was lying! Logan and Ashley are amazing people who live clean, healthy lives and have a strong relationship with God. Since Logan and Ashley lived in Orlando, FL I was not able to meet Gideon. I knew Gideon meant the world to Logan and Ashley, which is why I was heartbroken to know their son passed away. They did so much for Gideon, it is unbelievable. During Gideon's short, but incredible 48 days of life...he visited the doctors/hospital more times than I have been to the mall in my entire life. Resulting in high bills including the hospital/emergency visits, memorial, and all the treatments he was given. Below is the link to Gideon's website where you can donate any money to help them pay for Gideon's bills. If you are not able to donate, a prayer is more than appreciated. 

Today, Logan and Ashley continue living their life through love and by staying positive. Gideon is free of pain and is watching his loving parents from heaven above. He was loved by so many people and fought a hard battle before he was even welcomed into this world. Along with his parents, I am so proud of him. He didnt even know what this world is about, but he appreciated every living moment he was able to spend with his parents. Whether he was being poked with needles, hooked up to a machine, or held in the loving arms of every person he had the chance to meet; Gideon was (in his father's words) a warrior. May he forever rest in paradise.


Happy Birthday my sweet angel, I love you.

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