A mother's love is endless and crazy.

Hello all,

My name is Andrea. I'm a 23 year old single mom to an 8 month old boy. I know, that you may be thinking my life is probably insane. You are absolutely correct. From the screaming, to the food thrown everywhere, to the middle of the night feedings; I'm a hot mess. But, as every mother would say, I wouldn't trade him for anything. (Well, a good night's sleep seems really tempting right now). 

I always said in high school that I never wanted to be a mother. I was so sure of it. I spent many days, nights, and weekends babysitting for extra money and many times while the owner of this blog, Michelle, and I would hang out, we would watch her three siblings. That was enough for me to not want kids. After Landon was born, I definitely still don't want any more. I am "one and done". He is definitely enough energy, personality, and adorableness for me. 

I will post some of my experiences I have as a young mom, without sugar coating it. I laugh, I cry, I want to rip my hair out. But most of all, I love harder than I have ever loved another human being. I may also let you know a little back story as the posts go on, but for now, I wanted you all to meet me and my little man, Landon. 

Talk to you all later!

Andrea is a 23 year old mom. She is also a server at a private country club, a nursing student, and a badass bitch (when she isn't pulling baby snacks out of her hair) Andrea is an avid lover of music, dogs, and food. When she isn't working or studying, you can find her exploring new things to try with her hair and makeup, chasing around her 8 month old, watching Disney movies, and like true motherly form; shopping with coupons. ;] 

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  1. Your kidding me right? First posts were good not these

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Sorry you didn't like today's post. We aren't finished yet so maybe you'll like the other posts. If you want, feel free to suggest things we should write about! We want to keep you entertained, I'm sorry :(

  3. I completely disagree, I find it great that you're expanding, it will bring in a bigger audience! Keep it up!

  4. Hey thanks Marianne! Those cupcakes look DELICIOUS by the way. Amazing post as usual.

  5. I think this is very personal and people dont care about peoples life I came here for tips and advice

    1. k then go somewhere else. this blog is for personal posts, tips, advice and more. so if you don't have anything nice to say and you don't like it, take your arrogant self elsewhere. because it's not needed here.