Skincare advice from a 17 year old, that works.

Now, while I am not the one to have perfect skin all year round, it does stay relatively clear most of the time, but when those pesky little zits come up from time to time, I try my absolute best to get rid of them as quickly as possible. I have gone through many face products whether it is face washes or face masks. Both of which I will be talking about today!

The first thing I will be sharing my input on is the face wash that I use. Oddly enough, I use two. I just cannot pick and choose! The first one is from a very popular brand called Noxzema!

After looking everywhere for a wash that suits my sensitive face, my mom told me about this because she used to use it when she was younger. I don’t think I have ever stuck with a face wash for so long! When you open it, it looks like a white cream, but it does not have silicic acid in it so if you have severe acne, this face wash might not be the one for you. It will still slowly make zits disappear, just not as fast as washes with the acid in it. Regardless, if you do have acne, it is not harsh on your skin at all and leaves it feeling soft after usage. It does not make your face dry out or become too oily throughout the day! I can honestly say with this wash, it truly does meet up to its label and deeply cleanses my skin. One of the best things about this wash is that it is cheap and you can find it at your local Walgreens, Target, Walmart, etc. You can find it pretty much anywhere! This is by far my favorite face wash that I have ever used.

Now, this wash, from Neutrogena  is for the girls that have acne. The the pro in this one is that it is not harsh on your face either and does not dry it out like some other washes do. With a few pumps mixed with water, it lathers on your face very smoothly! After washing it off, your skin feels tight and very clean. I found this wash when I ran out of Noxzema one day and the only thing I had to wash my face with was this. At first, I did not use it because I loved the Noxzema one so much but I thought, hey why not give it a try? So, I did. Of course, it did not disappoint! Just like the face wash above, you can find it at any local convenience store near you.

One of the last products I use is actually something I just recently got into! Surprisingly and funny enough, my boyfriend got the first tub of this for me as a birthday gift and as you can already probably guess, I love it! It is a face mask called Mask of Magnaminty! This is by far the ABSOLUTE best face product I have ever used. It is sold at Lush, which luckily for me is in a mall nearby but if you cannot find one, it can always be ordered online. Although it is rather expensive, priced at $24.95, I can easily say that it is well worth the price and will last you several months if you do not use it excessively. On the tub, it says use twice a day, which is exactly what I do! Just as the name says, it is very minty smelling and will leave your face smelling like peppermint. I always use this after I wash my face because it tightens my pores, making my foundation (or whatever cover up I use) looking much better than it would if I didn’t use it. When you open the container, it looks like a green, lumpy paste. I know, sounds gross! As you use it more and more, the grossness effect goes away. Unfortunately for me, I have large pores so when I first put the mask on, it had sort of a burning feeling to it (a good burning feeling) and then my face suddenly felt cold as it hit the air. I left it on for 10 minutes and it tightened on my skin. When I washed it off, my face felt so smooth! I HIGHLY recommend this product to any girl or guys who enjoy taking care of their skin.

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Sydney is a 17 year old, incoming senior at Lemont High School. After graduating, she plans to attend junior college then transfer to Mizzou to work toward her goal of attaining a doctorate degree in nursing to then become a nurse practitioner. She was also a dancer for 8 years, and plans to try her best in minoring in dance during college. In Sydney’s spare time, you can find her reading, tanning, shopping or hanging out with friends! She loves to be adventurous and explore nature so Sydney’s favorite place to go every summer is Starved Rock. She loves to attend EDM concerts and any sort of festival that involves electronic music. Any questions about DJ's or sub genres of EDM? Sydney is your girl to ask!

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  1. I've been breaking out more than usual and I'll definitely be trying the Noxzema face wash! Thanks!
    Marianne :)