Did someone say HOMEMADE PIZZA?!

   Yes, I love pizza. Being from Chicago, my standards on pizza are pretty high and I am quite picky. Chicago's Deep Dish pizza might be world famous, BUT I am a thin crust type of gal. All that crust is so filling to me and I more than likely chow down on more slices than recommended anyway.

Now that I live in Utah I rarely have pizza; I honestly haven't even had a hot dog here because it just doesn't compare. Sure there will be a Papa John's pizza here and there (that is not to my request, but I was hungry) but still nothing authentic. I really do not know of any food Utah is known for besides learning about fry sauce. Living on my own, I have to get creative sometimes in the kitchen. I try to shop for groceries in ways where I can make different meals using the same ingredients.This is where homemade pizza came into play! I know I'm not the first to have done it, but let me tell you....it is so good. Read on and see all the deliciousness!

Crust is key. I have experimented using different types of ingredients for crust such as naan which is a type of Indian bread and pita bread. The only kind that I have had great results with are the flat outs! They are tortilla like and their main use is for making sandwich wraps. They come in different types like multi grain, tomato, and light so I liked that I had options. You can find
them at most of your grocery stores!
Toppings. I used to only like pepperoni and sausage, then it was just cheese, but now I love veggies...just no mushrooms please. I like to chop up everything and separate them in tupperware. I like chicken on my pizza as well so I will have that cooking while I chop up my veggies. The last time I made chicken for my pizza I only used two ingredients- coconut oil and balsamic vinegar of Modena, both available at Trader Joe's. The chicken was delicious, I highly recommend you try it! I will also post later on about my favourite ways to eat chicken.

Sauces and cheese are really up to what you are feeling. The last time I made myself pizza I used a ranch-like dressing and an Italian pepper sauce mixed with salsa. The cheese I used was mozzarella and a hot pepper mix.

With this thin of a crust, I baked my pizzas at 400 degrees fahrenheit for about 8 minutes.While they were in the oven, I grated some parmesan cheese and was getting very anxious for my pizzas to be done.

I made two pizzas only because I like to experiment. I made:

Pizza 1: flat out, ranch sauce, chicken, green onion, broccoli, mozzarella cheese, and parmesan cheese.

Pizza 2: flat out, Italian pepper sauce/salsa, green/red bell peppers, pepperoni, green onion, hot pepper cheese, and parmesan cheese.

And voila! Delicious homemade pizzas. Inexpensive, non-greasy, tasty, and easy pizza!


What are your favourite toppings? How do you make your pizzas? What else do you want me to make?
Let me know in the comments!

xoxo, Michelle

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  1. Looks delish! Love that you love TJ's (Trader Joes). Now make me a BBQ Chicken Pizza!!

  2. One BBQ Chicken Pizza,,,coming up! I will just put in your mailbox or something...

  3. Homemade pizza is the way to go! Homemade pizza dough is also super simple andeasy. The recipe can be found on the back of most yeast packets.

  4. I love to make homemade pizzas. I use ready made puff pastry for my base with tomato purée and all the veg and feta cheese. Yummy! I also love using flat bread as a base, topped with feta, onions, peppers and olive oil. Bit of a different take on the normal pizza.
    Loving your blog, you pictures are lovely xx


  5. Great blog ladies! The Administrator of this blog should email me what inspired you to do this blog, and where you see this blog going at this link. My name is Amy.