Hello everyone! Today's post is very special to me as I do own a chinchilla. In fact, Queen Chili is from Adam's Valley View Chinchilla Ranch that was located in Vista, California. My boyfriend, Tyler and his best friend, Alex visited the ranch during Easter weekend since we were interested in an in-door pet. We all agreed to this for the reason being that since we live in a condo so we don't have a fenced in yard and neither of them wanted a cat. Alex suggested a chinchilla since he grew up with them and that he got all of them from this ranch. We were all so excited to have a chinchilla! Chili was 6 weeks old when she came into our family. It was a long drive from San Diego, but she made it to Utah where she is now safe from the torture that was secretly going on at that chinchilla ranch.

Adam's Valley View Chinchilla Ranch had great reviews online and I even contacted the woman via email to make sure it was possible to have a visit since it was required to make an appointment. I never thought or questioned any wrong about this business. Chili is happy and healthy and I couldn't be more happier with my girl. Well, besides the fact that she wants to chew EVERYTHING and takes the bobby pins out of my hair...haha just kidding. With a sweet face like hers, she gets away with anything. Which is also true, she is spoiled rotten! What I really want to know is how could someone harm such an innocent, sweet, fragile animal? What kind of evil posses this woman to electrocute a chinchilla, amputate their limbs with only the use of brandy (liquor) and wire cutters, and pelt them? Her reason, as she states in an undercover investigation, is that they didn't sell. Why didn't they sell? Maybe because they are kept in cramped cages and are not socialized. I really do question how she kept this business for over 50 years and is just now caught doing the terrible things she has been doing. 50 years equals countless lives of chinchillas that were killed innocently and then pelted. They were all conscious too. A person would grab the chinchilla (violently) and let them hang upside down by their tale and then get clipped by their foot to be electrocuted. Their last moments in life are terror as they lay on the table shaking until they are dead. Gone.

Now, my family and friends think I am crazy. Crazy about Chili and all animals. Why does this affect me so much? A big part of it has to do with the fact that Chili came from that ranch. I ask myself: What if we never went there? Why didn't we get two? Why did she do this to these animals? I so wish we would've gotten two chinchillas even if she was the only kit (baby) available. I could've saved two lives from being cut short. But I can at least say I saved one. Another reason why I care about this so much is because animal cruelty happens daily, everywhere. People see animals as disposable things. They don't see them as a living thing. They all have a heart and a brain; so do we. Why do they get treated differently? If someone thinks a person is unfit how come they don't get slaughtered? BECAUSE IT IS WRONG. But if you are animal you have no right. Something has to be done.

Sam Simon, creator of the Simpsons is one of the worlds largest animal advocates. He purchased the farm in conjuction with PETA and the animals were taken to the San Diego Humane Society where they underwent examinations to make sure they were healthy to be able for adoption. Over 400 chinchillas awaited for their chance to be able to experience what love is like for the first time. (Source)

Chili has her own Instagram, yes I know what you are thinking. However, I am so thankful for all of her "chinchilla friends" and their quick response once they found out about the news.  Be sure to keep an eye open for their posts on the blog (like how they helped) ! There is a special surprise coming up!

I thank you for reading this and for anything help you can offer to the humane society.

xoxo, Michelle & Queen Chili

Michelle is a licensed cosmetologist with a passion for writing. She enjoys reading, writing, cooking, organizing things, listening to music, and video chatting her family and friends. Being a huge animal lover, she loves her chinchilla named Queen Chili and misses Delilah, her Goldendoodle who lives with her family. 

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