Hello again! The day has finally come. When I started this blog, I thought it was going to be an easy, fun little thing to do in my free time. Boy, I was dead wrong. Once I started asking around to my family and friends if they were interested, things started to get a little crazy. All at the same time, posts were sent in and needed to be edited. Pictures were not showing up and tears were shed. My internet/laptop was being stubborn and was almost executed. I have had two nights of not going to bed until the afternoon. I know I sound like I am complaining a lot, but in all honesty I am completely happy. I am so grateful for all the people who have sent in posts and have been so involved in this blog. It is a great feeling getting the positive support from my family and friends! I also appreciate YOU for reading this! I will not spoil the blog and tell you about all the posts you are going to read about, but let me tell you...they are A M A Z I N G !!!  I enjoyed reading them so much that it was hard to not publish them immediately. 

Now, this is just a little informative post so I want to tell you how we will be posting and a bit of what to expect.

Since this blog is fresh out of the over, posts will be up a few times week! If YOU would like to see more, let us know! Tell us what you want us to write about. The sky is the limit and a lot of us like writing weird or highly intelligent things. Were a wild bunch of people and we all write differently. For your convenience, at the bottom of each posts there will be links for YOU to click on if you want to chat with the blogger. I can safely say they wont bite and are happy to answer any of your questions! You also get a chance to follow them on their social media sites and see what they are up to! 

Be sure to check out the other pages as well! The ABOUT page is pretty self explanatory, it talks about what the blog actually means! Under the BLOGGERS page, you will find a list of all of the bloggers you will be reading from and the state they are from! It is neat to see we are from different places. Click on the AFFILIATES page and see the companies we are officially/personally affiliated with. We would not tell you about a product or company if we do not absolutely love it. Then of course, the CONTACT page is where you can go if you are interested in becoming a part of the blog! Writing is an amazing way to express yourself and you are always welcome to submit a post! Tell your friends and family....anyone about us and see if they want to write! How cool would it be to a part of one big blog? We can all become friends!

For the next couple weeks you will read about some neat and healthy recipes, find out our favorite things, read our thoughts on certain subjects, dabble into a little poetry and comics, learn about what is going on in the bloggers area, and I wont say much, but this blogger has paws.

That's just a peek of what is in store for YOU! See you all Monday!



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