am the popular girl in the center of a crowd,
I have no accomplishments,
Yet I act like I am all too proud.  

I am the boy, who acts like I don’t care,
Because when I lay awake at night
My past is all too much to bear.

I am the sister with a secret to hide,
And it’s all because I told my role model
That I’d be loyal, and stay by her side.

I am the bully,
Who lies awake at night,
Listening to my parents scream and fight.

I am the brain,
Who buries her head in a book,
Because it was my father’s life,
Not my intelligence that Cancer took.

I am the girl with a decision to make,
Because I made a bad choice,
And now it’s my future that’s at stake.

I am the boy who always gets in a fight.
Because violence is the only thing I’ve ever known,
And I cry myself to sleep.
Mostly because I feel alone at night.

I am just a kid with a secret.
Yes, I have one too.
You can guess, but I won’t tell you if it’s true.
Unless, or course, you’re willing---
 To reveal something about you.

Erika is a senior at Nerinx Hall and will be attending McKendree University fall 2015 with an interest in International Business. She is a phenomenal soccer player who has played all her life and will join the women's soccer team while in college. If she is not training or at a game you can find her working, hanging out with friends, reading, studying, eating chicken wings, or tanning. 

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  1. I am addicted to this blog. Now it's your turn to reveal something about you.

    1. So happy you're addicted! I promise it will be a healthy and safe addiction, haha! I will reveal that...I did my brows before I went to bed.

      Also check out the queens instagram. She received her royal flower crown😹

  2. That's a stunning poem! Love it!

    Marianne from

    1. Thank you Marianne! I am in class, but I plan on being last and binge reading your blog later! 💕

  3. Keep the discussion going! Reveal little secrets about yourself as the poem suggests.