OPERATION CHINCHILLA: Sandra, Sanno, and introducting Shoyu!

My Little Rescue Chinchilla, Shoyu<3

Hello All! My name is Sandra Marie and I'm here to tell you a story about a chinchilla or two ^_^. I'm sure many of you are aware of the news regarding the 420 rescued chinchillas from Adams Valley View Chinchilla Ranch in California. My best friend and I were in the car when she had that video pop up on her Facebook News Feed. Everyone who's met me knows me as "The Girl with the Chinchilla" here in San Diego! You see, I've had my lil' baby, Sanno the Standard Grey Chinchilla, since he was four months old in 2003! He was my 6th grade graduation present from my mom, and to this day the best present I've ever received in my life. He's brought love, joy, entertainment, fluffy cuteness and dusty snuggles into my life since day one! When my friend read the article to me, it broke my heart into a million pieces. How could humans hurt such loving, precious creatures for VANITY and MATERIALISTIC reasons, and in such inhumane ways? The very first thought that came to mind was "I need to save one."

The next day (August 21, 2014) my best friend, Maxine, my boyfriend, Victor and I made our rounds in Petco and Petsmart first thing in the morning! We bought new chew toys, cuddle plushies, treats, a water bottle, a food bowl, hay, bedding and dust for the new addition and for Sanno as well! We got to the San Diego Humane Society around 10:58 AM waiting for the adoptions to begin at 11 AM! We thought we were going to be the only people there ready to see the chins, but boy were we WRONG! There was a whole line of people waiting to give a little one a new, happy and forever home. The staff were very kind and informed us that it was going to be an extremely slow process as to not stress the chins out even more than they already were. I waited one and a half hours for my turn to see them, and in that time I saw five single chinchillas and two pairs get taken home. Not only that, I saw a woman come in with a huge wagon of treats, towels, chews and hay to donate! It was so beautiful and tear-jerking to see so many people come together to help and lend their hearts, homes and a helping hand to these amazing little creatures.

 Finally 1:40 PM came around and it was my turn to meet all the chins! The Humane Society really did the best they could for them, giving them each their own cages, food, hay, treats and even little boxes so they could have a hide-away. Many of the chins looked very healthy, but definitely very under socialized. They were either sleeping, backed into the corner or *woo-wooing* (stress/warning calls) to each other from across the room. I tried to see which chinchilla would accept me, by rubbing their head and offering a pellet. I tried for one, and she accepted the rub only for a second before she got very defensive. I let her be so she could calm down and relax again, and introduced myself to another chin across the room. She wanted nothing to do with anyone, and frankly, I couldn't blame her. I made my rounds around the room about four times until I saw a calm, tiny, little black chinchilla sleeping in his box. I don't know what it was that drew me to him, but I wanted to try with this one. I pet his head and his ears drooped down, just like Sanno's does when I pet him. Then I offered him a pellet and he nom nommed on it as I held it for him. So far so good! Before I tried to pick him up, there was one last test: The chin scratch! I rubbed his little chin and his head tilted so far to the side he almost fell over, haha! Now it was time to hold him. He was so much tinier than I thought! There's no way he's older than six months. When I got him to my chest he reacted the SAME way Sanno does; he went straight for my neck and buried himself in my hair. I massaged his ears to calm him and I felt him start to relax his little body and not be so tense. He looked up at me and wouldn't stop sniffing my chin and lips. I let the staff know "Yes! He's the one! This little black chinchilla in cage #2 ^_^." Since he's a boy he has to be neutered per PETA agreement, I won't be able to bring him home until next week. Even though the excitement will make these next seven days go by excruciatingly slow, this gives me time to make sure his new home is all set and ready for him!
 I'm so thankful I live so close by and had the means to be able to provide a new and happy life for a chinchilla that once knew no love. I wish with all my heart that I could take each and everyone home with me, but if I can make sure AT LEAST one will have all the love he needs for the rest of his years, I'll feel content.
 Please everyone, if you are able to give a loving home to a chinchilla please do NOT hesitate to adopt one. They are $25 and the Humane Society will give you whatever you need to start. If you can't, please donate to help the Humane Society be able to continue their amazing and life changing work. Any little bit helps.  
Donate here at: 
San Diego Humane Society

I can't wait to update you all on Shoyu's home coming and the interactions between Sanno and him. Have a wonderful day and weekend everyone! Say no to fur and yes to rescue adoptions!

-Sandra Marie Muraoka

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Here are more pictures of Sanno! He cant wait to meet his new little brother, Shoyu.



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