I moved out.

a little over a week ago I signed the lease to my very first apartment. so far I have slept here for two nights.

most peoples main question was: why did it take you so long to sleep there? I'm assuming most people thought that I would have slept on the floor the first night I signed it (I thought about it). one reason that I didn't the first night was because someone told me they didn't want me to sleep on the floor. the majority of the reason why it took me literally a full week was because I brought over all of my clothes, my every day use things, and the food over last (I thought that made most sense).

it took me exactly one week to move all of my things in. I refused to stay here alone without my dog being here. so our first night wasn't too bad, although I think she had a hard time adjusting. she barked a lot through the night and I don't think she slept much. I think every time she heard a door open she barked or stared at the door through the darkness. and I vaguely remember getting up around 4 in the morning to let her out to potty and then coming back in and passing out again. at 6 in the morning she woke me up to take her out again. as| I walked out of the apartment I was blinded by the sun and literally had to shield my eyes and hoped that no one was looking at me because I probably looked so ridiculous because of my reaction.

my first full day of being "out in the world alone" was quite eventful, none the less. I ran errands like a mad woman. I bought a handful of groceries for less than $50 and was still able to put around $130 remaining from my entire paycheck into my savings.

I've found that most of the people in this town are very friendly, men and woman. I've noticed that I don't get hit on, but flirted with in a respectful matter. which is strange knowing what town boarders mine and that I'm not to too far from the shitty parts.

my complex almost feels like a pleasant secluded area. pretty quiet with the occasional neighboring dog barks and cars passing by. my new home feels safe and welcoming. I have slept better these past two nights and have not waken up with a headache yet (yay for no longer living by any kind of factories!) the air here feels cleaner yet a little dry, but I'm ok with that.

I don't want to speak too soon and say that everything is great and wonderful and that I'm happy and I've made an awesome decision and done super good. but everyone close to me is happy for me and proud of me and has said how good I've done. but like everything else, I refuse to take it how it's supposed to be taken and I still yet question things. did I really do a good job? is this really what it seems to be? is this everything that I thought it would be? I won't know until some time goes by.



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