Charlie and chilling out.

 Hey guys! It's Charlie! Today I taught The Twins a very important lesson, to make like a chinchilla, and "Chin-chill out!" So the story starts last night...
I got nominated for the ALS "Dust Bucket Challenge."  The Twins were ecstatic! So it was off to playtime the very next morning. But long story short, we didn't have much time. Well, they went ahead anyways, thinking "It'll be easy! 'Charlie will hop in the box, take a bath, and we'll pour the dust on top of him" Well, it was not. I just kept running away scared, and they started to panic! I guess their time-pressured nervous energy rubbed off on me,  so I didn't do it. The twins persisted, so they put all kinds of things in that box-raisins, chews, my favorite toys, even more dust!-so then their mom stepped in to the bathroom and cleared things up for them. She said something like this, "Girls, maybe Charlie's acting up because the two of you are so stressed!" After that the twins realized that they should take a deep breath, relax, and let me do my thing!  And one of them suggested that she step out for a minute and chin-chill out, while the other took me home to try again later. And guess what, I hopped right in the dustbath after she left! So after the walk home, I leaped into my cage and was handed an apology and an orange puzzle chew, for helping them realize what was really important, to take things slow, live in the now, and most of all, be like a chinchilla, and just chin-chill out! 

Hey guys! It's Charlie and The Twins! Otherwise known as @chincharlie {the chinchilla} on 
Instagram and well, The Twins would like to remain anonymous. Anyways, what you'll find in our posts are lots of tips, tricks, and fun little tid-bits about caring for your furry, {or feathered} little friend! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the almost-daily adventures of two girls and their adorable little pets!

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