I am just going to go off on a limb and give you all some advice of mine about dealing with parents and life in general.

**All people are different and respond to situations differently...this is what I believe most parents want**

HONESTY: be honest about everything. They would much rather know the truth from you than find out about something you did from someone else. Honesty=trust.

DETAILS: so you want to go hang out with a friend? Your parents will let you! How? Tell them the nitty gritty. Where are you going, who are you with, what are the times, and so on. They do not want to know everything only because they are your parents, but more so for your safety. They see on the news that the mall is in flames and have not heard from you? Of course they are going to respond in a frantic way. Then to find out that you never went to the mall and was at a friends house. Do you think they are going to let you go out again? Maybe. Are they happy that you are alive? Yes. But were you honest? No.

QUESTIONS: living on my own I have realized that there are many things that I have NO previous knowledge of. I am not saying that parents know more because they are older, but for them to get where they are now they have had to make a few mistakes. They have 'life' experience. When they say they know things...they really do. I am not going to list the things that I do not know/what my parents do know, but you understand what I am saying. They are the Google of your life and are more than happy to help.

RESPECT: you are not going to get everything you want. You will not be allowed to stay out after curfew just because you are having fun at a party. You are expected to get good grades in school. You will be thankful for everything your parents are doing for you. Respect is easy to give and is even easier to get.

DO A PERSPECTIVE CHECK: this goes for all things in life and is also something I am working on for myself. I get upset over the little things. I don't know why, they just bother me to no end. However, getting all worked up over things that do not go your way or even if someone says things in a tone that you do not like; does it really matter? Unless they are life changing events and are going to affect you greatly; you should really let it go. Just like that song haha. Have a bad break up? Move on. Got in trouble? Learn from it.

BE MORE POSITIVE: there are people in this world that would do anything to be you. Why? Maybe because their life is hanging by a thread. I think people forget that tomorrow is never a promise. No matter how healthy or careful you are; life happens. I understand that people have bad days, but are you alive? Do you have limbs so you can function? Is your heart beating? These are the things that need to be appreciated more. Be thankful that you are alive and well. Is work hectic? Be happy you have a job. Try your very best to see 'the silver lining' in everything you do. If you need to be reminded, I AM happy that you are all here. You do have people that love you, don't forget about them. 

DON'T BE A SLAVE: I mean this by saying, don't just slave your life away while being unhappy. Do what you love. Chase your dreams. Stay logical and grounded, but as I said is too short. I am still having a tough time figuring out my future. All I know is that I want to be happy and I will find a way to make that happen. I challenge you to as well.

Lastly, LOVE MORE: I feel like as time goes by, love is lost. One single person cannot control the whole world, but if you start doing things in love...I promise things will change. Smile more. Volunteer more. Adopt a pet. Make sure you leave the impression that you are a kind soul;because I know you are. Be a friend. Remind your family how much you love them. Do not forget to love yourself.

Michelle is a licensed cosmetologist with a passion for writing. She enjoys reading, writing, cooking, organizing things, listening to music, and video chatting her family and friends. Being a huge animal lover, she loves her chinchilla named Queen Chili and misses Delilah, her Goldendoodle who lives with her family. 

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