Taylor Swift wants you to

"Shake It Off"

Ok, T. Swift's new single is so catchy, I have to stop myself from dancing at work. I have seen a lot of articles going around about how obscene and vulgar her music video is. To be honest, I have seen worse against my will. Clearly, the internet hasn't seen any new hip hop music videos as of lately. I really don't think her video is that bad, but it does make my stomach feel weird with the twerking chicks. All that jiggle makes me feel self conscious, BUT I will do what Taylor says and shake it off!

My impression of this song is exactly what the song title is. No matter what situation you are in, just shake it off. Taylor has had to deal with a lot the past couple years and I am quite happy to have this new single be about a positive life experience, rather than one about a bad relationship.  If you take the singing out of her lyrics, it is just as if she is talking to each listener personally. Like she is having a conversation about what people are saying about her and what she is going to do about it. Add some jazz instruments and a wide variety of dance genres and voila! I feel like this song is so easy to relate to and it is just what I need in my life. A reminder to just shake the stupid things off.

My problem I am currently having is, I care so much about little things and I let them get under my skin. For example, I am a clean person. Whether I am at home or at work, there is always that one person who doesn't rinse out their dish, fails to push their chair in, or turn off the light. The list goes on, it is sad how particular I am. One little thing can change my whole mood and affect the rest of my day. To the person who invented mood rings, you were onto something. I need one so all the people who cross my path know that I am pissed and to not ask me stupid questions or even be in my personal bubble. 

I must add that I actually started a new job so I have to put on this friendly face and keep the sour patch look for when I am alone. I really do love my new job! I talk about it so much and look forward to work, but even if I was at Disney World...someone or something will get on my.last.fricken.nerve.

So, when I have these moments of pure angst, I do little perspective checks on life. I remind myself that these things do not matter and I should be focusing on the positive, important, happy things. Oh, and also to shake it off.

Watch it here! 

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