if your dog bites a toad, you should be worried?

strange title, right? right. but like all of my other posts, there is a story behind it. 

a couple of days ago I was walking my dog. unlike where I lived before, there are toads at night. everywhere. they literally scare the shit out of me when I approach my apartment building door at night. anyways. I saw one on the sidewalk. and I LOVE animals, not usually amphibians or reptiles, but toads I like; so naturally I like them to be all cute and get along. so I go "chew, look at the toad" and she starts sniffing it and it's so cute and then she picks it up so I snatch it away. 

you can actually watch the video here:

so, obviously at the time that I look this video, I didn't know that frogs or toads could be harmful to dogs. and after I took this video, I was doing something on my phone and I look over at chewy who has her nose basically dug into the dirt and I go "chew what are you doing?" and as soon as I finished that sentence I see something squirt up and onto the concrete. so I pull her away and there's this baby toad. and I started crying (not even kidding - I was also a little tipsy might I add) and I go "CHEWY YOU BIT THE TOAD?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?" and I was so sad! but that's beside the point. after I checked to see if she had killed it (which she did *tear*) we went inside. 

now, my dog does not go up stairs. so you have to pick her up like the little princess she is... no, just kidding. she was never taught how to climb stairs (my old house was a ranch) so she's afraid of them. so when I went to pick her up she was foaming at the mouth and naturally I panicked. after we got back into my apartment I quick googled what would happen if a dog ate a toad. 

dogs foam at the mouth and shake when they eat or lick toads. and she was shaking a lot too. TOADS ARE POISONOUS TO DOGS. and I now know that. and I am letting whoever is reading this know that too.

luckily! chewy did not eat a toad. yes, she licked it, but she was lucky that nothing crazy happened to her. if your dogs eats a toad, you need to make them vomit and make sure they drink a lot of water. all chewy did was drink water. 

but yes. that is my story. and my lesson of the day. 

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