So Long Boredom...

Say goodbye to the lazy girl you used to be, and hello to the girl that never has to say they are bored. I hope some inspiration sparks while reading, now lets get started!

1. From youtube to pinterest to tumblr , there should be no problem at all finding a fun and creative craft to do. With many of these crafts, the supplies are in your house, no need to spend any money. So spice up a room in your house real quick with a simple DIY (do it yourself). Have fun!

2. Speaking of spicing up your room, if you are anything like me I like my room looking different every now and then. So flex those muscles and get to rearranging. You can have a brand new look to your room just by putting your furniture in a different spot.

3. No matter what season it is its always a good day to go out and explore! So grab a bottle of water and a pair of sneakers because adventure is out there.

4. Does anyone have those moments when you're extremely bored but just don't want to leave your room? Because I do. When I get stuck in that situation I start looking for new music. Take the time to research and listen to artists and bands that you have not heard of, and I promise you will be occupied.

5. If you have so many ideas, jokes, questions, or anything really that you wish you could share with everyone in the world, then take the time to start a YouTube channel. Keeping up with a youtube channel will definitely keep you occupied with any free time that you have.

6. Now is the time to turn on all of the new music you just found and get to cleaning. Thoroughly cleaning and organizing your room will usefully take up your time and keep your parents happy. It also helps keep your stress level down, and after its all done you can just relax and stare at your clean beautiful room!

7. Many times when I am feeling bored, all I can think about is shopping. And that is right when you realize, you don't have any money. So that is when you get online and research the best way for minors to make money. Be creative!


9. Bored and Hungry? Put your chef hat on and find a yummy recipe! Get creative and take your time. This activity is also great if you have friends over, so there is someone there to share with and someone to help you along the way.

10. Grab a brush, hair ties, some bobby pins, and some of your favorite hair accessories, and create a new fun hairstyle!

11. Buy or make a really cool notebook and get to writing/drawing! Doodling or writing about stuff you love is a great way to pass time. Be creative and use good handwriting.

12. If you are by yourself or with friends its always super fun to have a secret performance with a brush microphone...

13. Throw your hair up and go outside! Exercising is a great and sufficient way to pass time. It keeps you fit and occupied. Find creative ways to make exercising fun, instead of just running, push ups, and sit ups.

14. School has just flew in so instead of coming up with every reason to dread it,make the best of it. Spice up your style, and decorate your locker just the way you like it.

15. And finally, now that its sweater weather make yourself some hot chocolate, throw on a sweater, surround yourself with blankets, and read a good book, watch a good show, or do some studying.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope this gave you some ideas. See you soon!

Zoe is a freshman at Bixby High School. She's been a working dancer since the age of two and loved every second of it. Hoping to be a professional dancer or fashion designer, she sticks with the artistic side. In her free time she loves to hang out with her best friend Reagan, do crafts, listen to music, and drink coffee.

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