Forever Young.

Fire sparks out on the streets right into our hearts.
 The language of youth is universally spoken.
Energy and adrenaline fill the air along with the warm summer breeze.
 We take everything for granted;
Yet we remember each moment as if it was our last.
 Misunderstood by our elders,
 But crystal clear to adolescent strangers
Never looking back,
 And at the same time, never looking ahead,
 Just living in the moment.
Young and free.

Erika is a senior at Nerinx Hall and will be attending McKendree University fall 2015 with an interest in International Business. She is a phenomenal soccer player who has played all her life and will join the women's soccer team while in college. If she is not training or at a game you can find her working, hanging out with friends, reading, studying, eating chicken wings, or tanning. 

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