MEET: Gallardo Puff!

There are several reasons for why I love Gallardo Puff. He always seems to bring a smile to my face even when I'm feeling sad. I have always loved animals my whole life, but for some reason I've always been drawn to chinchillas. Here's a little story on how I found my Puff Ball.

I purchased Gallardo from Big Box Pet Store on August 29th of 2010 and right away I knew he was something special. He was in a cage with two other chinchillas and at the time, I thought the cage only had two chinchillas in it. Gallardo was sleeping inside of this plastic igloo, buried under all of this carefresh paper bedding; he actually managed to burrow a tunnel! The store associate went to pick up the plastic igloo to try and catch a different chinchilla for me when suddenly from under all of this paper carefresh bedding, out popped Gallardo. Gallardo was covered in the carefresh bedding and I can clearly remember a large chunk of it was stuck on the end of his whiskers. I  knew instantly that he was the chinchilla I wanted and I wasn't going to leave the store without him.

I brought him home that afternoon and to this day, he has been one of the greatest things to ever happen to me. Gallardo makes sure I clean the house frequently by leaving me little tiny dust trails on every piece of furniture. He reminds me to pick up after myself and if I forget to, he leaves little chew mark reminders on whatever I didnt pick up (pens, notebooks, my cell phone, and blankets just to name a few). He's always excited and waiting for me to come home from work at night. He presses his fluffy body right up against the bars of his cage and pouts until I let him out.

When I first heard about Operation Chinchilla, my heart just broke. I thought about how much I love my chinchilla and I couldn't help but wonder how someone could be that awful and mean to something so sweet! I wanted to help those 400+ chinchillas in every way that I could! I wanted to adopted all of them, but there was no way that could be practical and I live too far away. Instead of just standing by thinking I couldn't do anything and watching this story unfold, I decided to do something. I made a donation to the San Diego Humane Society in Gallardo's name.

I love Gallardo Puff so much, words couldn't even begin to describe. He's not an animal or just a piece of fur to me. Gallardo is a small, fuzzy angel from God who chases away all of my troubles and sorrow.

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