How to make your life, YOUR life!

Life is like a movie. You can wish for a happy ending, but you cannot change the script. It’s already written. In every single second that we live we don’t write our script, we live a script that is written for us.
But we play a mayor role. We choose the direction, we choose the cast and most important we choose how we live that script. We can try to change it. We can try to reject everything that is given. We can try to displace everything that is written in our script. We can also try to write a different story, but in the end we depend on the script that is written for us and that we have absolutely no bearing on. At least this is what most people think.
Maybe the point in living is realizing that we, humans, don’t really have a saying in how our life will turn. There are so many things that can change us, so many facts and faces and stories and opportunities and chances and results that are powerful enough to change who we are and how we live our life.
In fact, it is a little scary that our life depends on so many circumstances and facts. Many people want to be happy. They try so hard to be happy that they forget about the reasons they should already be happy about. We are a generation of people who learned that success is important, beauty is important and reputation is important. But what happened to qualities like loyalty, honesty, and gratitude. Is this gone? Are we only measured in the results we take in our test?
Is this what is written? Is this how we want our life to turn out? Do we want to be another A- or B or worse, only a C- ? Why is it so important to be always the best in everything we do? Is this the way that we distinguish ourselves? Over success and grades and over numbers that say absolutely nothing about whom we are.
We should leave behind the pressure of society. We should take a piece of paper and a pencil and write down what is important in life. Not for your neighbor, your friend, your parents or any other person, but just for you. What is important for you?
Create a scale of things that you put first. Write down what you like about your self and what kind of persons you like to be around. Maybe the script is written, but you are still the main character in your life. It is your life. Free yourself from the pressure that other people put on your shoulders. You –and only you- are the most important person in your entire life.
If you think of one person that you know best, that you think you know nearly everything about, a person whose reaction to whatever you can presage, who would that be? Would that be your Mom, your Dad, or your best friend ,maybe? No. The one person that you know best is yourself. Why is it that we always try to impress everyone except of ourselves? If we are achieving something, it is always friends or family or people that did not expect something like this of you that we want to share our success with. And this is because we strive for acceptance. We cannot help it. It is in our blood. We inherited this aspiration after acceptance and recognition from our past generations. But maybe we should overthink this before we inherit those to our children and children’s children. Maybe acceptance should not be the first point on our list of qualities. Probably other characteristics are more important. We should start to push our selves into the center of attention in a movie called my life. Each and every one of human population should start to be the most important person in ones life. And this does not mean that you should stop helping others or being friendly. This simply means that no one should have more power over you and your decisions that you do.
Maybe the circumstances are written, but not what you do and how you do it. Do what you love and put away the pressure that other people put on you. Feel free to be who ever you want to be, because no one can prohibit you to write your own script. YOU are worth it and you are good and you are powerful enough to change something. You may not be powerful enough to change the world, but you are powerful enough to change your life on the earth.
Life is given to you as a present. And now make it YOUR life.

I am Paulina from Germany; almost 18 years old -which in Germany means you are allowed to drink and to drive,... (you better not do both at the same time) - and i am crazy in love with my horses. I will finish High-school in June. I lived in San Diego for six months and went to school there. I lived with my lovely, caring and unbelievable amazing family. I enjoyed everyday and I am more than thankful for my experiences in America. I hope you will like what you read from me.

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  1. Lovely post!! Very well said! I like the metaphor you used. I just followed your tumblr. :)

  2. From the generation of the ubiquitous "selfie" comes a Shakespearean idealism: "To thine own self be true." Since the ancient Greeks (and further back) to "Know Thyself" has been man's quest. Fail we might, try we must. Knowing one's self truly is the key to successfully navigating the uncharted waters of our individual lives. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Really awesome.. you are sharing meaningful information to public users.. Thank you..