The Chin Selfie

Hey guys! It's Charlie and the Twins, from our blog, well, you guessed it, Charlie and The Twins Blog .So, today we're going to share with you the art of the "chin-selfie!" And no, we don't mean a selfie of your actually chin, we mean a selfie, starring you and your chinchilla! The same goes for selfies with your dog, cat, bird, fish etc. So anyways start it like any other selfie, with a mirror, a pose, and a good angle!

We suggest using treats for him to look at the camera if he's not so much of a poser. If your pet is more of a derp face kinda pet, just derp along with him! But if you have a more photogenic pet like our guy and of course many other pets, just go ahead and jump right in! It'll turn out great! Here are some more tips for the perfect "chin-selfie"

Displaying image.jpegTIPS:
1)Try try again! Don't expect to get it perfect on the first try! It takes many attempts to achieve the best photo possible!!

2)Make him comfortable! If you notice, in most of our chinchilla selfies, he's on our shoulder, in his dust bath, or just chinchillin! Make sure he's in the mood for a photo shoot too:)

3)Play around with it! Don't be afraid to throw in some props! Perhaps matching hats, sweaters, or even flower crowns! (Especially the crowns from!)

4)Use the filters! Yes, we just said to use the filters! But not too strong, as this can look fake and make your pet's fur look funny! We suggest the app Aviary.

We hope our tips help you achieve the best 'chin selfies'! Use these tips with your other pets and send us your cutest selfies! Be sure to tag Charlie in the photo so we can all check them out! See ya next time!

-Charlie and The Twins

Hey guys! It's Charlie and The Twins! Otherwise known as @chincharlie {the chinchilla} on Instagram and well, The Twins would like to remain anonymous. Anyways, what you'll find in our posts are lots of tips, tricks, and fun little tid-bits about caring for your furry, {or feathered} little friend! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the almost-daily adventures of two girls and their adorable little pets!

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