Welcome Home Sweet Shoyu!

Hi everyone! As most of you know from my last entry, I have adopted one of San Diego Humane Society's 420+ chinchillas. About a month ago I picked out a little black velvet named, Shoyu and finally got to bring him home on Sunday, September 14th ^_^! The little guy had just went through getting neutered the Friday before, so I was fully prepared to assist in his recovery 110%!

From the day that I picked him out he was very trusting and actually liked to be pet and rubbed down (super rare for a chinchilla who doesn't know you, especially one who's gone through so much stress.) thankfully, that hadn't changed <3. I showed him his new home and it seemed as though he didn't know what to do with all the room the cage had, haha. He'd jump up and down and wall surf 'til he fell asleep. Until he recuperates, he only gets access to one level, a wooden hide-away and a hammock. I can't wait until he gets to explore his full double-decker cage and his play area ^_^.

As for Sanno, my chinchilla of eleven and a half years, he's not taking to the new baby so well. Just like a human child now having to share his home and parents, he's acting like a little spoiled brat! He's always been a bully, even with animals bigger than him (ie: puppies and kittens) but I'm hoping after some time and slow introduction he'll come around and they'll be best of friends. 

Shoyu seems to be adjusting quite well and still loves to be rubbed and scratched. He has pain killers and antibiotics that he takes twice a day and he's not liking it what so ever. In a way, I feel like he knows it helps him because he still trusts me to hold him, but he just hates the taste. We're half way through with the meds, so hopefully all will be perfect on his next check up :).

I'll be sure to keep you updated on his recovery and how they bond! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy their pictures and all of their cuteness!

-Sandra, Sanno, and Shoyu <3

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